About Parkview Advisors

Parkview Advisors, LLC is dedicated to helping the water sector make the most of every dollar. Whether by increasing operational efficiencies, interacting with government officials and agencies, or using technology to improve service to customers, our people have the experience and knowledge to make a real, measurable difference for your organization.

Our clients have included public and private water utilities, equipment manufacturers, service providers and technology start-ups. Parkview Advisors’ founder, Jim Good, has been in the water sector for more than 25 years, where he has compiled a record of significant achievements in the leadership, operation, and growth of water and sewer utilities—both public and private. He ran a large public water authority and served in executive roles at Veolia, California Water Service Company and the National Association of Water Companies.

When you retain Parkview Advisors, you are retaining a firm and all its capabilities, not just the expertise of a single staff member. We have developed a network of nationally renowned experts that supplement the capabilities of our team as needed to meet our clients’ needs.

Contact us today to see how Parkview can meet your water sector needs. We proudly serve local, national and global clients.