PITTSBURGH—January 29, 2019—West View Water Authority, West View, PA, located just north of Pittsburgh, has contracted with Parkview Advisors to conduct a digital gap analysis and develop a digital master plan to be more efficient, compliant and secure. Parkview Advisors features a network of water sector experts who specialize in helping water utilities make the most of every dollar and has offices in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. Working with Parkview Advisors will be Warrendale, PA-based
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Water utilities in the United States were once operated almost completely by private companies. That began to change when Boston, New York, Los Angeles and other large cities expanded in the late 19th century. Water utilities failed to manage the increased demand and government leaders stepped up to assume responsibility for adequate water resources. That’s been the case for decades, but now water problems are critical again. Most water experts believe another change is imminent.
Welcome to my first blog post as President of Parkview Advisors. It’s an overview of the problems facing our water systems, and a few suggestions on how to address them. Parkview is a company dedicated to helping water utilities make the most of every dollar. It’s how we make a living. More importantly, it’s how we serve our communities. It’s our passion to ensure that any person can get a safe drink of water from
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