Technology and Innovation

The water sector faces many challenges. One of the greatest is how to provide a high level of service at an affordable price. This challenge is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop and employ innovative technologies that can help meet these contradictory expectations. There are many startups and early stage firms with great ideas for improving processes, employing artificial intelligence, leveraging data from sensors and more. If these technologies are deployed properly, they can enable utilities to improve operations and save money.

Parkview's experts have worked with a number of technology firms in the water space and other verticals. Assistance has ranged from helping develop strategic plans to providing sector insight, and from introducing prospects to evaluating technologies. We also work with utilities to assess, evaluate, and make recommendations concerning the advisability of adopting technology and innovation.

Contact us today if you have created a promising new technology or are considering deploying one. We proudly serve local, national and global clients.