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PITTSBURGH—January 29, 2019—West View Water Authority, West View, PA, located just north of Pittsburgh, has contracted with Parkview Advisors to conduct a digital gap analysis and develop a digital master plan to be more efficient, compliant and secure. Parkview Advisors features a network of water sector experts who specialize in helping water utilities make the most of every dollar and has offices in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

Working with Parkview Advisors will be Warrendale, PA-based GrayMatter, a firm with vast experience in implementing digital transformations for organizations that also has significant water-related experience.

West View Water supplies water to 32 municipalities and more than 200,000 people in three counties. It generates vast amounts of data every day, which West View Water is looking to harness, analyze and apply to enhance its operations.

The gap analysis will identify the current state of West View’s information systems and its needs. The digital master plan will help to develop the desired future state with a schedule, budget and other steps needed to close the gap between where West View is today and will be tomorrow.

Jim Good, President of Parkview Advisors, said, “Our work will serve as West View’s roadmap to implement a holistic approach to the use of data for operating with enhanced compliance, increased efficiency and improved security.”

He added, “According to research, when this type of digital approach is implemented, as much as 20 percent on capital expenditures and 30 percent of operating expenses can be saved.”

Bob Christian, Executive Director of West View Water said “We generate lots of data every day and owe it to our customers to use it to benefit them. Parkview Advisors and GrayMatter bring hands-on utility and digital transformation experience that will provide us with a master plan for doing just that. It will also help us in our quest to continually become more efficient and better serve our customers.”

GrayMatter CEO and Carnegie Mellon University grad Jim Gillespie is excited to co-innovate with a forward thinking utility. “We’re all about helping Pittsburgh communities like West View become digital utilities — taking their data to the next level and connecting it to business platforms.”

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Founded in 2016, Parkview Advisors ( has helped local, regional, national and international utilities and firms upgrade America’s water infrastructure by introducing services and products that improve operations and save ratepayers money. Parkview’s principal, Jim Good, has been in the sector for 30 years and has held senior sales and operational roles with the California Water Service Company, Veolia Water and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.

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